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BAHA Implant Post-Op Instructions

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The BAHA converts sound into vibrations that are transmitted to the skull through a titanium post that connects to the skull behind the ear.


  1. Leave the head dressing in place until the surgeon removes it at 6-8 days after surgery. Do not disturb the plastic ring or the yellow ribbon dressing around the plastic ring as this could peel off the skin graft around the titanium implant.

  2. Take antibiotics and pain medication as prescribed.

  3. There are no dietary restrictions, although if nausea is present, it is best to start with clear liquids.

  4. Numbness of the scalp or ear is not unusual, and can last for 9 months. When the bruised nerves are recovering they often cause sharp shooting pains around the wound or over the back of the head.

  5. Keep the area DRY for 3 weeks. DO NOT allow any water to run over the wound for 3 weeks. Bath or shower with a shower cap over the wound or with an assistant over a sink (like at the hairdressers).

  6. AVOID sleeping on the side of the BAHA post for 4 weeks.

  7. Do NOT perform any heavy lifting (more than 10 lbs) or vigorous physical activity for three weeks after surgery.

  8. Small amount of bleeding is expected around the wound for 3 to 5 days. Any heavy or prolonged bleeding should be reported to the doctor.

  9. A yellow discharge or foul odour at any time is an indication to see the doctor.


  1. Make a circular gauze and cover it with antibiotic ointment. Place the gauze around the titanium post. Position the healing cap over the gauze to hold the gauze in place.

  2. The gauze around the titanium post must be changed twice daily, until the wound is fully healed.

  3. Hair washing can be done at 3 weeks after surgery. Clean around the titanium abutment with gentle soap and water or strips of baby wipes. Gently dab area dry afterwards, do not rub skin.


Five weeks and longer after surgery, continue to clean around the abutment with a soft cleaning brush and gentle soap. This type of cleaning should take place at least once per week in addition to regular cleaning of the area while washing your hair.

Patients are seen in the long-term at least once annually to check on the site, the abutment, and the device.


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